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Toraya Shokudo

【70 years in business】Old-fashioned popular dining room Toraya(closed)

Since its opening in 1953, it has been patronized by local Wakayama residents, including Wakayama City Hall, local businesses, young freelancers, and housewives who attend gymnastics classes every week.

Homemade roast pork, homemade meat dumplings, minced meat cutlet, boiled mackerel, grilled salmon, omelet rolls, Koya tofu, spinach, etc.

It is a traditional popular dining room where you can choose your favorite side dish from the side dishes.
Feel free to enjoy the popular standard menu, delicious rice delivered to local farmers, and the taste of home that you will not get tired of eating every day.

It is a food that is a source of health that keeps your body and mind healthy, so please enjoy it cheaply and deliciously.
As a local kitchen, we handcraft the menu that makes you want to eat again, "What's your meal today?"
  • Toraya Shokudo【Lunch only】

    【How to use Toraya Shokudo】
    1. Wash your hands and take the tray
    2. Service pickles
    3. Choose your favorite side dish
    4. Choose the size of the rice
    5. Miso soup, pork soup, etc.
    6. Accounting
    7. Relax in your favorite seat and enjoy

    May your stomach and heart be filled and you will be a source of energy from noon.
    • Meal
      【You can take out】
      We will also make a takeout of lunch and your favorite side dishes according to your budget and your wishes.
      Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    • Toraya Shokudo

      Business hours
      We can also prepare take-out only for lunch boxes and side dishes.
      Please feel free to contact us.
      Please use the hotel parking lot when visiting by car.